Wednesday, 9 January 2013

To my beautiful Niece on her 4th birthday

Hey Kgatontle My Doll! Today is your fourth birthday. When did you get to be such a big girl...really time flies. I remember that day when you were just born and see now you are a big girl.I can still recall the moment I got the news of your birth. I was not there but I felt like the happiest aunt on earth.
My dear #MissKgato ! You are the most special child to me .Maybe because you are the eldest baby at our home .You are the one who filled my heart with so much happiness, laughter and love. No matter how far we are, my love to you will always remain the same, you’ll always be close to my heart, you’ll always be my bestest friend...
I still remember your first sight, your first smile , your first word and your first crawl .  
Few lines for you on your special day-
It’s your birthday
And I’d like to say
I wish you great health
I wish you wealth
I wish you happiness
A day you will enjoy
with friends and loved ones
May God always protect you!!!!!

Lots of Love Aunty Jabz