Thursday, 24 October 2013


I love LOVE.... 

I love how it makes me blush, smile, laugh,and warms my heart

Love has its own pro's and cons : It the most wonderful feeling in the world, and sometimes it hurts . It cuts so deep and just when we think we’ll never recover, our heart heals and comes back stronger than ever because the heart can’t help but love. 

Love certainly is the greatest and possibly the most effective motivator. 


You may probably think I’m referring to the kind of love that involves romance because that’s what we've done to love. For the most part, we refer to love as our love life, we've reduced its meaning to the nature of one’s relationship with their significant other. Although that is one of the most important and life-defining relationships any person can ever have, love is much bigger than that relationship. There are so many more things to love about life than just our love life. Reducing this to only one type of love deprives us of living to the fullest and makes one miserable when their relationship status is currently “single”.

How is your love life then?

What do you love about life? 

I love the simplicity that is my life, the joy that is my nieces, and the rock that is my sisters (Bo-sesi). I love my friends and how they are just always there, and from all walks of life and help enrich my journey. I love my family, and the challenges we face together.

At any given point in my life, I deserve a life filled with love and lovely things. I’ve chosen that my love life will always be trending because I LOVE LIFE.