Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Celebrating a Milestone

Today marks my 1 yr anniversary of working for Mann Made Media .When I started, I just hoped I’d make it a yr without being fired ; can’t wait for another year. The most fun part of the job, without question, is being surrounded by so many smart, intelligent and fun people.

I remember passing this company years back with a friend and saying to ourselves we want to work for Mann Made Media without knowledge of what they did, and today here I am one year later still loving it.

Here is some of the lovely, inspirational messages I have received :

Whether you dream big or dream small, chances are your dream will come true if you believe in it and really work on it.

Only God knows what we are in the future, the only thing we must do is that we should believe in Him, and in ourselves too. It is within us the power to reach our brighter tomorrow!!!

Whoop whoop

Happy Happy Jabu J

Congrats girl!!!!!!! You better not leave... ever! :)