Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Weave Miseries…

I commend women who can a wear weave all the time. I really do.

I have some friends whose weaves always look  good, shiny, healthy, natural looking and not a strand out of place no matter the day, time or season!!!!

It seems like the lowest maintenance hairstyle ever…besides a shaved head.
Since I decided to stop wearing relaxers, I figured a weave would help me with the transition. Plus, being as cold as it is, I figured a weave will keep my head warmer than my hair will.
So I went to the saloon, and put on a weave, 14 inch nogal…
2 weeks later, and I’m over it. Maybe I just don’t know how to take care of it, but this weave is tooooo much! For one, it gets tangled from nothing. It’s easy to comb out but who wants to be combing their hair all the time?

Plus it comes out a LOT. My brushes, combs, bedroom and bathroom floors are filled with hair. My brother saw one of my brushes and called me at work to make sure I was okay!

To make matters worse, my scalp itches like nobody’s business, even though I base regularly.
Even worse, the weave is long and has a permanent dent – undoubtedly because of the way I wear my hair at night.
I may not be taking care of it correctly but this weave is a lot of work!!!!
I miss digging my nails into my scalp and running my fingers through my hair and whipping my hair back and forth while dancing around my room and getting dressed in the morning (figure of speech, work with me, I know black hair cannot be whipped back and forth).
I planned to keep this in for about 6-8 weeks, but it’s been 2 weeks and I’m dying!
Honestly though, I think I’m just not taking care of it correctly.
My friends suggested I stop putting oil sheen in it, so I just brush it out in the morning and occasionally curl or flat iron it. At night I gather it in the back, twist it up and put a scarf on. On a rare night, I take the time to wrap it.
Sometimes I like it because I want my hair to be this long, so it’s fun to play pretend. And I think it looks great , but overall I think I need to take it out.