Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Battling with myself: What I know vs What I Feel

Lately living with me has been a battle... all things happening at once:

This is what I KNOW and not what I FEEL at this moment L  - I KNOW

I’m strong, happy, satisfied, successful, loving, kind, giving, serene, joyful and on the right path so I will let the emotions run their course, do their work and lay the demons to rest. It’s a moment to exercise some patience with myself - a chance to be kind and let myself cry on my own shoulder. Lord knows I need my own pity party.

This is how I Feel - I am experiencing every negative emotion known to mankind right now .I am angry, disappointed, hateful, revengeful, frustrated, sad, anxious, battered, lost, grieving... I am human..... I am allowed to...

One thing is certain, the road I am on, the lessons am learning, will forever be grateful for them